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Sexual and Mental Health Education in Schools and the Community

The Tough Stuff works with both staff and parents to ensure that communities are confident in supporting their children both in the areas of mental health, sexuality and sexual abuse and violence prevention.

We have pre-existing training programmes for your staff and the community, or we can develop programmes to meet your specific needs.

We are open to discussing workshops with young people on puberty, sexuality, anxiety and depression as long as we feel it is appropriate for us to do so.

For more information, call Kylie Ryan on 021 301122.

Our education training programmes include:

Understanding and Supporting Students with Mental Distress

2 Hours


On completion of the training staff will:

  • Understand mental distress and how it impacts students and their parents
  • Know how to support a student to overcome mental distress
  • Feel confident having conversations with their parents to assist in supporting the student outside of school
  • Be aware of skills that they can use in the classroom/club to prevent mental distress

(Please note in primary schools we can focus on anxiety in this age group)

Understanding and Managing Sexual Harmful Behaviours

2 Hours

On completion of the training staff will:

  • Understand what a normal or harmful sexual behaviour is
  • Know how to respond to situations that happen in the school/club that they are concerned about
  • Feel confident receiving a disclosure of sexual abuse or violence
  • Be aware of initiatives they can put in place to prevent harmful sexual behaviours

Supporting Staff Mental Health

2.5 Hour Training

On completion of this workshop staff will:

  • Understand mental health, stress, burnout and mental distress
  • Know how to have a conversation with a colleague they are concerned about
  • Be able to put a support plan in place to support staff to flourish 
  • Understand what will make an impact to improve overall wellbeing in the team

For parent workshops to complement your staff training please see the parents page.

workplace training

Consultancy on those difficult conversations

The Tough Stuff also offers consultancy to assist in those issues that pop up that you’re just not too sure how to handle – perhaps some sexual behaviour that has you worried, or you’re struggling to help a student with mental distress. We provide training on how to have difficult conversations on topics such as bullying, sexuality, online safety and can offer mental health education in schools and to the wider community. We will help you put in place a plan to meet the needs of your student, their family and your school or club.

If you’d training and effective programmes from a qualified Auckland wellbeing educator either at your school or club, call Kylie Ryan on 021 301122.